Wol Hide

Box Bomber


The perfect cardigan for all seasons. It's one you'll keep coming back to for years, and it will only get better with age. Cropped, boxy and wide cut with wood buttons and a high rounded collar. The large gauge knit detail creates a bulky texture. This beautiful yarn is made of 100% natural fibers, and has a substantial, yet lofty feel. 


75% Baby Alpaca, 25% Pima Cotton, Wood Buttons

Alpaca - Alpaca is an extremely sustainable fiber. Alpacas themselves are much gentler on the earth than other animals. The animals come in so many natural colors so you can achieve beautiful color without dyes. The fiber is extremely durable, soft and incredibly insulating. Alpaca fibers are biodegradable.

Pima Cotton - The fibers in Pima are longer than most other cottons, creating a very soft and fine fiber. Pima cotton is biodegradable at end of life.

Wood Buttons- Wood buttons are biodegradable at end of life. 


Wolhide's sweaters are made in Peru. They work with a small family run factory to craft their knitwear. Wolhide also works with a small artisan collaborative for hand-knit and hand-loomed pieces. 

*Seven Sisters Certified, Ethically Made, Sustainable Practices, Women Owned

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