Laurs Kemp

Checkerboard Print Mask


Fitted adult-size face mask with bendy metal noseband and adjustable elastic ear loops. Each mask has a cotton lining designed to act as its own pockets and allows for the insertion of a disposable filter. 100% Cotton. Locally made in Portland, Oregon.

Aluminum nose band for a personalized fit.
Adjustable ear loops! Just tie the elastic loops to your desired length and tuck the knot inside the side tab.

Hand wash and air dry. If you machine wash and dry, it will shrink about 5%.
You can wash/dry with or without the elastic loops in the tabs; either is fine.
Iron as flat as you can, without bending the nose band in half. When toting/packing your mask, gently bend the nose band flat and fold the sides underneath (don’t fold the entire mask down the middle curved seam, because the nose band could snap if bent too much).

Larger, Smaller
Note from the designer: The size designation has nothing to do with gender; strictly the dimensions of your gorgeous jaw and ear-to-ear measurement. (For example, I’m a petite cis woman and I wear the Smaller size, and my size medium cis male partner wears the Larger size.) If you’re not sure, I suggest purchasing the Larger size just in case. The adjustable elastic loops create a lot of flexibility.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Locally Made, Handmade, Ethically Made

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