Seven Sisters

Unisex Organic Cotton Crew Socks // (3-pack)


The creme de la creme of socks. Organic and chemical free.  If you know, you know :)

The original organic crew socks made from domestically grown cotton since 1994. Spun and knit in the USA. Three pairs to a pack. Each pack contains one pair in cream, one in brown, and one in green. Dyed with natural botanical dyes. 

85% Certified organic cotton grown by the maker! 10% stretch nylon (outer foot), 5% elastic, rubber core covered with nylon (inner top). The color intensifies with washing; the green being the most spectacular.The color is alive and develops with wear and with you.

Size Small (women's shoe size 7-9).

Size medium (women's shoe size 9-11).

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