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Declaration // Incense

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The scent of aromatic woods combined with the warm and vibrant notes of spices such as cinnamon and cloves make Déclaration an incense that is ideal for relaxing romantic dates.

It creates a soothing olfactory atmosphere, favourable to love and serenity. It offers you a sweet fragrant journey that provides relaxation and emotion.

The sticks are made in Japan using ancestral methods. They are made from aromatic raw materials: wood, resins, and oils carefully selected with respect for the environment in which they are taken.

To use the incense, place the stick in an incense holder, light it, extinguish the flame if necessary and enjoy the space that opens up to you. The incense should not be breathed directly, the subtlety of the fragrances develops best with a little distance. The Thelma Paris stick is devoid of a bamboo stem, which provides the experience of the true scent of diffused incense without the smell of burnt wood.

Thelma Paris incense boxes are made up of 48 sticks that burn for about 25 minutes each, giving you 25 minutes to yourself. These are incense sticks that emit very little smoke thanks to the absence of a bamboo stems.

Made in France and Japan 

*Seven Sisters Certified, All Natural Ingredients, Small Batch, Woman Owned