Meadow Candle


For this scent, Sound's combined the sensory elements of a pastoral, late summer stroll to create the new Meadow scent. Dry, grassy hops mix with water-rich cucumber and tomato create a scent base reminiscent of your backyard vegetable garden. Notes of sweet, herbal lavender, fennel, and basil add air and softness to the scent. When lit, we hope the aroma creates the effect of a pacifying morning walk.

Crafted using only pure essential and fragrance oils and natural soy wax. Poured with love in small batches in Richmond, Virginia. 7 oz. / 42-hour burn time. Recyclable packaging. When the 42-hour burn time is up, clean out the candle glass, remove the sticker, and enjoy the vessel as a cocktail glass, pen holder, or whatever you’d like.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Eco-Friendly, Conscious Packaging, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients, Cruelty Free, Woman Owned Business 

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