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  • Bimbo //  Olive Oil
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Bimbo // Olive Oil

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BIMBO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - Extra virgin olive oil by OLEA PIA, from Liguria, a region in northern Italy, famous for these olives. The olives are partly harvested by hand respecting Italian tradition and pressed in Italy.

Soft and complex with rich and fruity tones, this olive oil is ideal for marinades, fish, salads, raw foods and especially good fresh pasta.

Colour: golden yellow with slight shades of green
Smell: fine and harmonious with a hint of spiciness
Flavor: Medium-light fruity

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
Taggiasca olive, harvested and pressed in Italy
Origin: Liguria, North West Italy
Capacity: 500ml


For seasoning cold and hot dishes with a delicate structure. For short cooking at moderate temperature as well as raw dishes.

Store away from light and heat.

More about the Maker:  Olea Pia is a collaboration between Raphael Blasi, Arthur Cohen and The Social Food in France. All passionate about gastronomy, we decided to join forces in order to offer high-end products for the general public. Olea Pia selects the best of her country for you and takes you to meet the expertise and know-how of her regions. Each product is meticulously chosen for its natural quality, and processed with precision in accordance with traditions. Olea Pia begins the adventure at the heel of the boot where the Puglia sun enchants extraordinary organic extra virgin olive oil. The journey continues in Liguria where sweet and fruity olive oil is revealed before discovering the terroirs of Modena, where precious oak woods concoct a rosé balsamic vinegar with a magical taste. Attention to lovers of life and gastronomy, the odyssey of Italian flavors has only just begun.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Independent Maker, Small Batch, Ethically Produced, Eco-Friendly, Organic