• Sweet Potato, Carrot & Coriander // Seasonal Vinegar

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Coriander // Seasonal Vinegar

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This uniquely delicious vinegar is the end result of 2 years of experimentation and fermentation. West Maquiot Vinegar Works created a sweet potato and carrot wine using enzymes, wild yeast, and bacteria that pushed the limits of our transformational process and patience! Orange juice, zest, and golden raisin flavors combined with coriander seeds providing herbal, floral, and zesty aromas.

Use Sweet Potato Carrot & Coriander Vinegar to perfume lentils and beans, brighten Chimmichurri and other sauces, and in creative North African salads.

Sweet Potato Carrot & Coriander Vinegar is non-alcoholic and unpasteurized.

4 ounce bottle

*Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Family Owned, Ethically Made