Cousu de Fil Blanc

Les Fleurs du Mal Pavot Candle


A fresh, floral and poetic fragrance: dancing poppy, few armfulls of irises, moss and musk. Pure soya wax candle, No GMOs or pesticides, organic cotton wick, and the fragrances contains no phthalate and no CMR*. *Carcinogenic agent, mutagen, toxic for human reproduction. Safe for humans and animals.

All of the fragrance collections at Cosus de Fil are created and formulated by Carole Dichampt, an atypical designer. Carole is simultaneously a textile designer, an aromatherapist, and an avid traveller passionate about nature and plants as well as interested in seeking out various “rituals of beauty” around the world.

“My dearest wish is to share my passion with you. I have spent hours crumpling paper, composing imaginary and fanciful bouquets, embroidering foam rhymes and perfumes…”

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