• Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread
  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread
  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread

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This is a hazelnut forward, dark chocolate mind-bending spread! There's only 3g of added sugar (per serving) in the form of coconut sugar. This is the best thing you could ever eat with a spoon for those of you who prefer things less sweet. The world’s best cacao and the world’s best hazelnuts, from right here in Oregon, combine into a totally addictive spread. For ice cream, waffles, strawberries, and especially for eating straight out of the jar!

Gluten Free. Kosher. Plantbased/Vegan. Organic. Yum. Hazelnuts grown in Oregon, USA. Sweetened with coconut sugar, 100% organic & plant-based.

Ingredients: Organic hazelnuts, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao bean, organic cacao powder, organic whole ground vanilla, sea salt.

Sustainability: Fine + Raw's first point of sustainability is a radically-transparent cacao supply chain  which is focused on quality and direct relationships with cacao farmer! Our cacao is sourced from the highest quality and most ethical suppliers in Belize and Ecuador. We ensure that our farmers are paid above fair trade wages, because we believe farmers should have the economic freedom and empowerment to farm organically and develop sustainable land management practices. It is currently estimated that less than 0.5% of cacao beans are organic. By cultivating long-lasting and ethical relationships with suppliers and farmers, we hope to continue providing economic support for the organic cacao industry. 

Made in Brooklyn, NY

*Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Organic and Ethically Sourced Ingredients, Ethically Made