• Deme // Medicinal Mushrooms and Cacao
  • Deme // Medicinal Mushrooms and Cacao

Deme // Medicinal Mushrooms and Cacao

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Harness the power of medicinal mushrooms and cacao! Lift your spirit, lower your stress, clarify your mind, boost your immunity and support your longevity. 

Powerful medicinal mushroom extracts blend with energizing Tanzanian cacao and spices into a luscious drinking chocolate that’s easy to build a daily ritual around. It reminds us a lot of a yummy cafe mocha.

The foundation of Deme's blend is the reishi mushroom, known colloquially as the "queen healer" and the "mushroom of immortality." With every cup, you receive 900mg of this powerful adaptogen from a blend of 8:1 and 1:1 extracts. The supporting cast includes three other immunity-boosting extracts: 200mg Turkey Tail, 200mg Maitake, and 200mg Shitake. Finally, 300mg of Lion’s Mane increases mental clarity and cognitive function and supports long-term brain health. DEME’s blend of mushrooms and spices combine to form a powerful defense against environmental threats and help the mind and body adapt to stress, overcome illness, and function optimally. Cacao is also known to have mood-boosting effects and we take full advantage of Tanzanian Cacao to serve double duty in making this drink delicious and improving your mood. A pinch of cayenne adds warmth to the drink and circulation to the body.

Tasting Notes: Tastes like a rich hot chocolate with a dash of spice, blended with mushrooms for a uniquely earthy and balanced cup.

Sold as a 3-pack.

Made in Portland, OR

*Seven Sisters Certified, Local Product, Ethically Sourced, Ethically Produced, Small Batch, Sustainably Grown, Earth-Friendly Packaging, Certified B-Corp