• Honey Hot Fudge
  • Honey Hot Fudge

Honey Hot Fudge

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*Local Product!

Rich and creamy and oh-so-dreamy. Sugarpine Drive-In’s honey hot fudge transforms any Ice cream into a decadent treat. Sweetened with local honey to add depth of flavor and an Undeniable melt-in-your-mouth texture. Now you can make your own sugarpine hot fudge sundae at home. Warm to serve, or who’s kidding who… just eat it straight from the jar.

Made in Troutdale, Oregon, USA

More About the Maker: Sugarpine is Oregon’s premier drive-in destination, located on the banks of the Sandy River in Troutdale, Oregon, at the edge of the Columbia River Gorge. Inside an old 1920’s gas station, husband and wife team, chefs Ryan Domingo and Emily Cafazzo, have created a family-friendly restaurant featuring nostalgic comfort foods with a seasonal twist. Sugarpine updates classic American recipes with modern technique and Pacific Northwest ingredients.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Local Product, Small Batch, Handmade, Family Owned, Eco-Friendly Packaging