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Gron Kulle

Lily Sweater// Salted Caramel **PRE-ORDER**



100% Organic Italian Cotton knit in a neutral color palette 🍯, knitted in small batches in LA.

Size 1 = US 2 - 4

Size 2 = US 6 - 8

Size 3 = US 10 - 12

Size 4 = US 14 - 16

Madison is a size 4, 5'8" and wears an oversized size 2. 

Sizing Philosophy from the Designer:

My weight has always yo-yo’d. I adore clothes, but shopping for them has always had the ability to fill me with a sense of inadequacy, regardless of the number on the scale, if I had to choose a size in order to get the right fit that was different from what I perceived to be “good”.

When I was starting this business, it was important for me to not associate with traditional sizing definitions and have a different way to label the fit of my pieces that didn’t stir up feelings. A way that had no preconceived ideas or expectations attached to it. 

As you select which number is right for you, aligned with my preferred aesthetic, please note that Grön Kulle pieces are generally oversized. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments.



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