Living Libations

Essential Oils


- The perfumed prayer of Palo Santo Essential Oil is steam distilled from the ethically harvested fallen wood of Ecuadorean Holy Wood trees. This opulent oil is brimming with benevolent beneficial plant properties and is highly revered and endeared as a meditation tool and scared space chrism. The aged heartwood of the Bursera graveolens wood offers a balsamic, faithful fragrance that may be anointed as a cologne, chakra serum or deodorant.

- It is truly time to feel fine as we ride the tides of our lunar cycles. Align with this Lunitidal Elixir that is an essential oil estro-fest blest with a sisterhood of solacing botanicals. Anoint these dutiful drops onto your belly, wrists, and bathwater as you relax and dwell in the majesty of your femininity.


- Living Libations Sweet Sleep Serum swirls a scent that serenes sweetness into to the quiet darkness as you gather strength to meet the light of day. Let tension unravel as you dwell in dreamland and settle into a peaceful slumber.

Be still as the lake does for the moon. Dream deep as our Sweet Sleep Serum subdues the body, mind, and senses.

Sweet Sleep Serum disintegrates and integrates with the sublime repose of botanical songs that sing so sweetly that they lull you to sleep. Unwind as you finally relax your mind and release the need to explain, rationalize, and prepare for sunrise. Breathe. And as your mind flows into the heart of your chest, allow yourself to enter into complete rest.


- Resplendent Roses Over Vetiver Essential Oil is a choreographed co-distillation of ravishing Rose Otto with the roots of venerated Vetiver. The result is a dance of double-distilled elixir of bountiful beauty that emanates an ethereal heaven and earth aroma. Rose Otto, sublime for skincare and expansive to the emotions is fused with Vetiver's grounded grace and replenishing nectar for body and face. With the full-bodied, earthy fragrance of Vetiver animated by the ethereality of Rose Otto, Roses over Vetiver vespers a scent is sure to reassure and allure.

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