• Organic Olives Only Soap Bar
  • Organic Olives Only Soap Bar
  • Organic Olives Only Soap Bar

Organic Olives Only Soap Bar

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Mild extra virgin olive oil soap for people sensitive skin. A nourishing bar, handmade through a cold saponification process, which ensures that the nourishing and healing effects of the extra virgin olive oil remain intact. Allergen-free and suitable for the most sensitive skin; i.e. babies & kids, eczema, body, face, and even for washing your pets!

• Certified organic • Handmade • Cold processed • Natural ingredients • Biodegradable • Plastic-free • Vegan • Not tested on animals • Palm oil-free 100 gram / 9,3 x 5,2 x 2,1 cm

When purchasing a bottle of shampoo, body wash or cleaning detergent you mostly buy a plastic bottle, heaps of water, and only a tiny bit of soap. Such a waste! A great alternative has been around for centuries, but we almost forgot about it: the soap bar. We dove into the world of soap and created 4 special bars that together can replace about every bottle in your home. Bye-Bye plastic bottles and soap dispensers!

Made in the Netherlands

*Seven Sisters Certified, Handcrafted in small batches, Ethically Made, Consciously Sourced Ingredients, Consciously Packaged, Woman Owned Business