• Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti // #4 1lb

Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti // #4 1lb

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We've tried a lot of pasta, and this is our favorite whole grain pasta! The taste and texture are unmatched. 

DeLallo Organic Whole-Wheat Pasta begins with a high-quality blend of Italian organic durum wheat. Wheat is chosen for its beautiful color, wonderful aroma and high protein content.

Made in Italy

More about the Maker: 

Since 1950. Family Owned. Passionate About Food. DeLallo began as an Italian market in the hardworking industrial town of Jeannette, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh. Founders George and Madeline DeLallo established their marketplace over 60 years ago. The DeLallo family is dedicated to sharing their passion for food with the community, believing each product should tell a story and deliver an authentic Italian experience. Along with living up to its name, origin and method of production, each product makes a promise to the consumer—one of quality and consistency. These principles are at the heart of our success as a trusted, nationally recognized Italian and Mediterranean foods brand. Today, the George DeLallo Company remains a family owned and operated business that focuses on the import, production and distribution of Italian and Mediterranean specialty foods. With production facilities and distribution centers around the country, DeLallo is fully integrated in the areas of Olives & Antipasti, Italian grocery, value-added produce and specialty cookies. The foundation of our success and continual growth is our skilled product sourcing and product development. Our team of culinary experts are constantly on the move, innovating new products, researching food trends and developing recipes to showcase those products. What’s so unique about DeLallo is our ability to offer customers a vast lineup of gourmet recipe-driven products that are both top-quality & competitively priced.

*Order a case of 8 and get 10% Off. This option is for in-store pick up only. If ordered for delivery, the order will be automatically cancelled. Please allow two weeks for the item to come in. 

*Seven Sisters Certified, Organic, Family Owned