• Sauvage Proxies // Crisp White

Sauvage Proxies // Crisp White

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Crisp apples, green spruce tips and spicy cedar, blaze a trail through an evergreen forest. Canadian terroir in a glass, Sauvage works as a substitute for white wine, farmhouse cider, and herbal aperitifs.

Fruit: Green Apple, Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Acidity: Verjus, Apple Vinegar

Spice: Spruce Tips, Cedar, Juniper, Caraway

Body: Bai Jian White Tea

Pairings:  Seafood is an obvious choice—Canadians know a thing or two about salmon, whether smoked, seared, or raw—as are roast squash and goat cheese.

Open When:  Lounging dockside at the lake, with crab-studded canapes at a formal affair, or whenever your tastebuds need a reawakening.