Shunka Crepe Dress // Olive+Mauve


This dress has been a favorite, so we brought it in with a twist, color blocking! Shunka is a flair dress with layers of fabric. The Shunka fabric is a french crepe fabric that has nice movement. The shunka has buttons going down the back. There are small belt holes in the side seams for the included thin belt to be fed through. You can feed one end of the belt through the side seam slit, then pull it through, around your back,  but under the dress, and then back out through the other side seam slit, then tie both ends in the front to create a cape look. You can also belt over the whole dress. We have some instastory highlights on Instagram of this dress, so you can see it in action!

One size! 
Model is 5"5

Washing Instructions:
Dry Clean or wash on gentle cycle, cold, and hang dry.

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