Tara 4779 50-50 Chain Ring

Tara 4779 50-50 Chain Ring

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Chain ring that is divided into 50% 14k yellow or rose gold and 50% 14k white gold. Can be used as a non-traditional wedding band to represent compromise, equality, and commitment. 

  • Chain measures 1mm 

*Each piece is individually handmade to order - please allow 4-10 days for delivery

More About the Designer:

Tara Elwin draws upon her background in visual art to conceptualize her jewelry line TARA 4779, which is heavily influenced by the minimalist movement in art as well as architecture, typography, and mathematics. Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand in New York City with recycled silver, gold & platinum, with the addition of conflict free diamonds & precious gemstones. The brand name alludes to the atomic numbers of the elements - 47 for silver and 79 for gold. The understated pieces are designed to be both functional jewelry as well as art objects.