• Touchy Coffee // Honduras Jesus Galeas IH-90

Touchy Coffee // Honduras Jesus Galeas IH-90

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Among his community of coffee producers in Honduras, Jesus Galeas has been an all-star for years. Now, in his third year on the esteemed TC menu and with his THIRD DROP OF THIS VERY SEASON, we hope he’s well on his way to household name status in our community as well! This 100% IH-90 selection is the last lot from Jesus we’re sharing this season, and rest assured we’re ending on a high note.


Taste Notes: Ginger, Bing Cherry
Sensory Notes: Lively, sun lamp, nice spice, Mars (the planet), Martian Chronicles (the Ray Bradbury collection)
Region: Selguapa, Honduras Grown By: Jesus Galeas at La  Falda Elevation: 1750 - 1800 MASL Variety: IH-90 Processing: Washed Importer: Semilla
Roasted in New York, USA 

More About the Maker:
Touchy Coffee was founded in 2018 in a historic little city on the Hudson River called Troy, NY with a dream of highlighting the incredible work being done by coffee growing communities around the world. We roast coffees that people care about. Care is such an important part of the journey from seed to cup and is also the part most immediately felt. When the seeds are sown with care we know that it will be illuminated on the cupping table. When we accept stewardship of this luminous thing we also accept a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the success of the farm. We do this by ensuring that adequate prices are paid to farmers, by supporting and encouraging healthy agricultural and environmental practices and by forging long-lasting partnerships with producers that share our commitment to quality. When we roast the coffee our goal is simple, but achieving it is complex. The plant’s genetic makeup, the earth underneath it, the careful tending and processing of the fruit – all of the things that make this coffee so special should be felt by you, the last hand to touch it. Roasting is the magic that gets the specialness of the raw coffee into your cup. The methods and equipment we use to draw out and highlight the coffee’s best attributes are high-tech and empirical but we like to feel our way through the process in equal measure. If when you take a sip you feel connected in some small way to the hand that planted the seed, we consider that the ultimate success.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Ethically Sourced, Ethically Made, Small Batch, Women Owned