• brown and red packaging
  • dried pasta with nice texture from bronze extruding
  • single dried fusilli
  • pasta prepared with red sauce and burrata
  • pasta prepared with pesto and parmesan cheese
  • nutrition facts

Whole Grain Fusill // 1 lb

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L'Isolina's Heirloom Whole-Grain farmed for flavor, Stone-Milled for Nutrition, Bronze-extruded for Texture and Slow-Dried 56 hours to preserve flavor and nutrients. 

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants! 4G Fiber per Serving | 6G Protein per Serving | 14% Daily Fiber per Serving

L'Isolina Pasta is made with local whole grains farmed for flavor, stone-milled, and bronze extruded all in New York State! We partner directly with the best local farms, who grow delicious flavor-first grains! Our pasta is delicious & nutritious, rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals! Our pasta is: Whole Grain Vegan Regenerative Dairy-Free Soy-Free Non-GMO Clean-Label

Made in the United States

More about the Maker:

Whole Grain Artisan Pasta with Mouthwatering Flavor!! L'Isolina is bronze-drawn pasta made with local, regeneratively-farmed whole-grains sourced from our partner farms in New York. We source directly from regenerative farms in our community who grow flavor-first varieties of wheat, and who farm the right way, prioritizing the health of the land. L’Isolina, meaning the little island, is an homage to our home on the East End of Long Island, and the home islands our grandparents immigrated from, our Nonna Mariolina from Lussino, and our Nonno Giuseppe from Sicily. We hope our pasta helps you create memories at the table with your loved ones!

*Seven Sisters Certified, Plastic-Free Packaging, Handmade in Small Batches, Eco-Friendly, Regenerative Farming Practices, Family Owned