Wol Hide- Rib Tee (Multiple Colors)
Wol Hide- Rib Tee (Multiple Colors)
Wol Hide- Rib Tee (Multiple Colors)

Wol Hide- Rib Tee (Multiple Colors)

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The perfect tee, 2x2 rib with 1x1 rib cuffs. Made in 100% Organic Color Grown Cotton, keeps you cool. Availabe in Indigo Ink and Sand

More About the Designer:

Wol Hide is an intimate collection of sweaters and loungewear. Soft, natural pieces with a focus on knit structures and organic textures. We choose fibers for how they wear on us and on the environment, driven by a desire to create quality, timeless pieces. Our products are made both in the USA and with small family run factories in Peru.
Started by Philadelphia based textile designer Leah D'Ambrosio from the love of sculpting textures and forms through knitting. Wol Hide strives to create soft, natural and comfy pieces. Layers that feel like second skin.



Alpaca - we use a lot of alpaca in our sweaters. It's an extremely sustainable fiber. Alpacas themselves are much gentler on the earth than other animals. The animals come in so many natural colors so you can achieve beautiful color without dyes. The fiber is extremely durable, soft and incredibly insulating.

Pima Cotton - the fibers in Pima are longer than most other cottons, creating a very soft and finer fiber.

Our cut & sew Easy pieces are made with a 100% organic cotton that is grown, processed and knit in the USA.


Sweaters are made in Peru with a small family run factory. Their quality is impeccable both on technical machine work and with their hand work.

Cut & sew Easy pieces are made in Pennsylvania. We work with another small family run factory close to home.


Wol Hide- Rib Tee (Multiple Colors)