• Honey Mustard Pretzels
  • Honey Mustard Pretzels
  • Honey Mustard Pretzels

Honey Mustard Pretzels

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Honey mustard pretzels are our first seasonal flavor to become a permanent option. This seasoning is as classic & addictive as ever but in this case made with just a few of the best quality ingredients, yielding a more sophisticated sweet & savory combination than ever.

Ingredients: bread flour*, whole wheat flour*, sunflower oil, raw sugar*, maltodextrin, honey, whole rye flour*, salt, mustard powder*, distilled vinegar, yeast, onion powder*, garlic powder* (*organic)

4 oz

More About the Maker: Colorado locals make their pretzels with organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from their local community. The delicate and crispy texture of their handcrafted pretzels all start with hand-formed soft pretzels, rather than the standard bland extruded pretzels often found in mass produced pretzel snacks. They've received a number of Good Food Awards recognizing their pretzels' pure tastiness as well as their prioritization of sustainability and quality in our sourcing and manufacturing

*Seven Sisters Certified, Organic Ingredients, Sustainably and Ethically Sourced, Eco-Friendly, Small Batch, Handmade, LBGTQ+Owned