• Spruce Syrup
  • Spruce Syrup

Spruce Syrup

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Each spring, there is about a 1 week window when tips can be picked before they go woody. Our tips are sustainably harvested by hand and brought back to our farm kitchen where they are macerated in organic brown sugar. The brown sugar pulls the oils from the tips creating a sweet and surprisingly citrus tasting liquid. No water is ever added to the process. The syrup is boiled to make just the right syrup consistency without losing any of the spruce flavor. Delicious on ice cream. Add it to a cocktail. Use it in your baking. 4 oz glass bottle.

Ingredients: organic brown sugar, spruce tip essence

Made in Maine

*Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Family Owned, Ethically and Sustainably Made, Woman Owned, BIPOC Owned