• Le Spritz Sumac & Chili // NA Aperitif
  • Le Spritz Sumac & Chili // NA Aperitif
  • Le Spritz Sumac & Chili // NA Aperitif

Le Spritz Sumac & Chili // NA Aperitif

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For those who like it hot. Our signature bitter aperitivo spritzed with the crimson of sumac and the kick of chili. Because a real drink is made of real ingredients, powerful enough to bring out the best version of you. Crack it open, turn on the music, taste the bite, and enjoy the night.

All of the Spirit, None of the Booze. Our magic ingredient? Potent extracts of natural nervines - herbs known to soothe the mind, bringing the body back from burnout. We’ve spent countless hours mixing and remixing to get the right balance of taste + effect without adding any nasties. You’ll feel the spark and taste the bite.


Made in Los Angeles, California, USA

More about the Maker:

Ghia wants to take back the word drinking from alcohol. Ghia's maker spent her childhood summers near the Mediterranean, where Aperitivo is a way of life. "I remember my mother and grandmother making giant jugs of limoncello, using freshly-picked lemons, that we’d pour into the night (and sometimes mornings) until Fall came around.The best part of those memories, and drinking in general, is that it transports you to a space that’s about simple pleasures. It’s about being together. Connecting. Letting loose. Laughing. Savoring great music and even better friends."


*Seven Sisters Certified, Natural Ingredients, Woman-Owned