• Forager Jacket // Blueberry
  • Forager Jacket // Blueberry
  • Forager Jacket // Blueberry

Forager Jacket // Blueberry

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Hearty canvas jacket. Full cut. Big pockets for sandwiches. Soft-washed cotton. 

  • 3 big sandwich pockets, like we said
  • Custom green meals buttons
  • Sturdy 10 oz cotton canvas
  • Over-dyed, butter-soft fabric
  • Made entirely in Los Angeles

    More About the Maker: 

    MEALS prepares non-gendered clothing inspired by food. Cooking and clothing production are strikingly similar. To make pants, cotton is grown, milled, cut, sewn, and dyed. To make salad, romaine is grown, chopped, washed, and drizzled in olive oil.

    MEALS bakes ‘food culture’ into apparel, blurring the lines between the clothes we eat and the food we wear.

    Meals is made entirely in Los Angeles. Their fabrics come from India, but are cut, sewn, finished, dyed and shipped from LA. Our entire production radius is 6 miles.

    *Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Ethically Made