• Wok Legends Seasoning Salt

Wok Legends Seasoning Salt

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This is a pantry must-have! Woon conbines  a dehydrated and roasted sea moss  with kombu seaweed salt. It’s an umami bomb that is great for adding to any dish. Note, this is sea moss, not sea weed. It has much more umami and smells like the ocean in a bottle.


  • Sprinkle on top of some fried rice or white rice
  • Add some extra umami to your soup noodles or soba
  • My favorite thing to do is make avocado toast and fried eggs in the morning and sprinkle a bunch of Sea Moss on top of both of them
  • Add it to popcorn!! Duh!

3 oz

Made in Los Angeles, California, USA

More About WoonWoon began as a family run pop-up born from a desire to share our mother's (Mama Fong) original Chinese comfort food. We offer a simple menu influenced by Shanghainese and Cantonese recipes. When we moved away it was always Mama’s cooking that we craved. We all worked full-time jobs and hosted pop-ups in the Los Angeles area when we could. Now, we have our first brick and mortar space located in Historic Filipinotown.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Family Owned, BIPOC Owned