• Hot Spring Bath Fizz // Onsen Saru

Hot Spring Bath Fizz // Onsen Saru

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Heal your body and calm your mind. The Onsen Saru, or hot spring monkey, knows this is the place to come for peace and relaxation. Surrounded by snow and pine trees in a peaceful Japanese forest, she soaks in the mineral-rich waters to rejuvenate her soul.

Turn your own tub into an Onsen with a soothing blend of sea salts and magnesium flakes. Let the scent of Japanese Matsu Pine and Cedarwood and Snow create a purification ritual that will leave you feeling renewed. Naturally turns your bath pink with Pink Kanolin Clay.

Generous sized 4 oz, fizz measures 3" across 1"tall.
Shrink wrapped in biodegradeable Biolefin for moisture protection.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Pink Kanolin Clay, citric acid, Himalayan pink salt, magnesium powder, coconut oil, essential oils

Benefits of Himalayan salt in the bath - detoxification, soothes sore muscles, reduces inflammation, naturally occurring antibacterial properties in salt may relieve some skin issues like eczema and psoriasis

Benefits of magnesium in the bath - dermal absorption is the ideal way to get your daily dose of magnesium - it improves circulation, can speed up the healing of wounds, can shorten the duration of a cold, and have stress relieving properties

Made in Los Angeles, California, USA

More about the Maker:

Tiffanie Miyashiro of Miyashiro Studio is a fourth-generation Japanese American and L.A. native. She creates small batch goods with a thoughtful Japanese point of view.

*Seven Sisters Certified, Small Batch, Natural Ingredients, Ethically Made, Ethically Sourced Ingredients, Phthalate and paraben free. Never tested on animals